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Paul Daniel Psychodynamic Counsellor
MBACP (Accredited)
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How Counselling Helps

You may be reading this because you have reached a point in your life where you are finding it difficult to cope. This could be affecting your relationships, your work and more besides. You may feel alone and stuck with anxiety, stress, depression, confusion etc. At times like these a lot of people decide to find help and start seeing a professional Counsellor.

Unlike friends, family and colleagues, a Counsellor offers an opportunity to discuss your difficulties with an independent listener - someone who does not have their own agenda, who will not change the subject and talk about themselves, who will not tell you what to do or how you should think. A counsellor will help you to find your own solutions, which will empower you and better equip you for the future. In Counselling you will be able to talk openly and honestly about yourself, your deepest and most personal thoughts and feelings, without being interrupted, judged, condemned or misunderstood. The focus is entirely on you and your needs.

Psychodynamic Counsellors help people to think about how past experiences may be contributing to present difficulties and how we may unconsciously repeat old and outmoded patterns of behaviour and thinking. By becoming aware of the links and patterns in our lives we can regain control and empower ourselves to cope better with our present and future circumstances. Once we become aware, once we understand, we can move forward. Read on to find out about the practical details of Counselling sessions.