My fee for a 90 minute supervision session with an individual is £75

For groups of 2 I can offer 90 minutes at £40 per supervisee

For groups of 3 I can offer 90 minutes at £30 per supervisee

I also offer discounted rates for trainee counsellors of £50 (individuals)

or £30 (2 or 3 trainees) per 90 minute session

Shorter sessions of 45 minutes or an hour are also available, with rates pro rata as above

Sessions can be face to face or via Zoom

Training & Experience

I have completed a wpf Post Qualification Certificate iin Supervision.

I also have several years experience of supporting trainee counsellors in Group Training Supervision (GTS)


My supervision work is based on the Seven Eyed Model as defined by Hawkins and Shohet (2012). This means that I believe it is helpful to explore and think about the internal worlds, communciations and relationships between all three roles in counselling and supervision: client, counsellor / supervisee and supervisor. 

I base my contributions in supervision on where supervisees 'are' in their development as a counsellor and as an individual. There is a 'teaching' aspect to supervision and for this I draw on my years of teaching counselling students - knowing what might be helpful and how to balance sensitivity and support with challenge.


Your needs as a supervisee may change as we work together but, to decide if we can, and how we might, begin to work together, I can offer a free initial meeting on Zoom or face to face.